Make SEXtacular love not war!

You think if maybe, possibly, rich man multi millionaire, one who owns real estate property in NYC,  instead of an inside job on 9/11, maybe just maybe could’ve had 72 whores in Babylon that that might have changed the events in our world on that day? Instead of explosives going off in the towers that finally made the towers collapse, ya think maybe the bombs that went off would’ve been the explosives in their pants? hmmmm? Sex distracting the greedy mind?  Is that possible?

Yes! and then the equal money system is born. Give your sex to me! are you hypnotized and demonized? Have you been SEXorcising your greedy evil demons? hmmmm? probably not, which is why we still have war and propaganda…and until we get it all together and replace war with sex, we will keep funding the war, even when we don’t know we are funding the war.

Here the Core falls, 'all on its own.'

Here the Core falls, 'all on its own.'

Have your sex in Babylon…the new world. The new America? hmmm… perhaps! sounds like America needs an awakening far more than anywhere else. Oh and yes I know, we have in the middle east a Babylon..but we already had our decadence there, maybe in another lifetime??? So, then lets try something new, how about Babylon in America!!!! The new America! because America the lovely oh wonderful, hypocritically FREE, has never been free! since the day it was born! and that new America is cuming, where all will be free, and sexual freedom will really exist…then the equal money system will too.

Corporations will always be scamming a way to take the money away from the ‘little’ people and once in awhile they not only take your wallets but your life too!  Just ask Larry Silverstein, from Silverstein Properties why he bought the towers a few months before he decided to have them blown out in a demolition to collect acts of terrorism insurance money worth over 4.5 billion! And guess who owned the security system for the towers? Marvin Bush of Securacom, (now Stratesec) relative of the ex-president Bush.

Now when you have a powerful real estate guy like Silverstein, who has his hands on politics working with the CIA on a cover-up, working with Bush family on getting into the buildings and altering security the weekend before the attacks to plant explosives in both buildings of WTC and already admitted to having explosives in WTC7 for fear it would collapse and harm other surrounding buildings and people, then you know the planes were shot down and not flown into the WTC, or Pentagon, but military planes instead going into those buildings. The Pentagon one is still a mystery, 84 videos show NO Flight 77 impact , only smoke and what looks like smoke from explosives from a demolition, like the twin towers.

hmmmmm… the 1oth anniversary of 9/11 recently opened old wounds and these wounds will someday reveal the truth in its entirety to all… I suggest you do your own research. 9/  find it there…and remember Babylon is our new America where true freedom will prevail….Let’s build it! because….





The Goddess in Print – GKM == Goddess Kitty Magazine

The beautiful Goddess has given us voyeur rights! All inside this exclusive magazine with raunch and tits and arse and bits (including a meat cleaver).

So come on down to the greatest show on earth.

GKM — Goddess Kitty Magazine

The Singularity

“It’s like we set the “productivity bar graph” to be our ruler, in absolute trust it would take care of us – for it needs us in order to operate. But to what degree of dignity will the majority go, before the responsibility (or lack thereof) is realised. We have abdicated our responsibility to a productivity system at the sacrifice of our values.

Most still follow their god money.

I believe this is the singularity manifest already (not to sound too kooky). It is just a matter of time before it is self conscious, instead of constantly having to be fed with energy by self enslaved dieing humans. We will be useless to the productivity bar graph. We will be removed from the equation.

The waking up had better happen real soon and on a mass degree, because technology as it is, has already progressed far enough to be self sufficient. Less and less humans are required. The human ego drives the need for eternity. And eternity will be realised in the computer.

Say hello, to the modern matrix. It has already manifest as the social system in my mind and in your mind. It just needs a bit more time to be completely self sufficient and then humans are not required.

I’m not speaking of fantasies. This is our reality. Productivity nightmare, manifesting as super efficiency. We all have a part of this as our mind, this efficiency. This is what we are creating when we drive to an end.

The goal. Singularity. We are creating our own god. The picture of perfect surveillance – perfect observation – and absolute power. The human body is insufficient and unproductive. It uses too many resources. Many will die. And I will be happy to see it.”

— Matthew Sforcina

We must work to take back responsibility of that which we have placed our consistent capital (life) within.

Build Babylon – Move this shit out of our system.

This much sexual suppression and violence is only necessary to run an ever expressive money system. It has not stop to expanding. Cancer.

Stop it by educating yourself and educating others.

Meta-learning. Learn about Learning. Teach yourself to teach.

Learn by the most efficient methods. Clear old beliefs with self forgiveness and create a better world by starting with yourself first.


Capitalism is (was) necessary, Reductionism is relevant

An attempt or tendency to explain a complex set of facts, entities, phenomena, or structures by another, simpler set: “For the last 400 years science has advanced by reductionism … The idea is that you could understand the world, all of nature, by examining smaller and smaller pieces of it. When assembled, the small pieces would explain the whole” (John Holland).

reductionist re·duc’tion·ist adj. & n.
reductionistic re·duc’tion·is’tic adj.

Oxford dictionary of literary terms:


reductionism, the tendency to explain away the complexities of a literary work as the products of a single, much simpler cause. A reductive interpretation of a work reduces or ‘collapses’ its actual complexity into a reassuring simplicity, seeing it as the direct expression of some originating element such as a personal motive, a psychological defect, a national or social identity, or a mythic archetype.


Capitalism is a necessary purge of any sentient race in order to progress into the higher order of beings.
We must learn by the use of raw power (money) as created by ourselves, to treat each other equally or be forced to do so due to overpopulation, war and social unrest that is inevitable for such a system (on the proviso the sentient race is not willingly consenting to equality).
The ultimate product of brutality + corporate social structure = willing relinquishment of responsibility which results in – Socialism.

Ta da!

If we don’t treat our responsibility with the respect it deserves, the law of attraction = cause and effect, will make our choices for us.

Capitalism is a form of reductionism, to study power in its raw form, capitalizing on certain attributes of common commodities for the purpose of personal gain by the original capitalist that capitalized on that attribute.
Money is just an idea created to capitalize all things.
It should only be treated as such, an idea.
Otherwise it is vanity. The drug of vanity. The natural opiate of man that we all participate within when we look in the mirror and see who we are and like it.

Welcome to reality.

Before we move into the ‘new world’ that does not include the capitalizing of life on power called money, we must move all this energy capitalized on sex through the media industries from ourselves.


BUILD BABYLON – Sign the Petition

Garfunkle Bewder

Socialism, Utopia, Carl Marx and Death of Culture

1984 Book Cover

1984 Book Cover

Everyone wants to scream when they hear these words.

So do I.

Why Babylon? Why build a city where people can cornhole people all day long and then progress into titty fucking for the evening exposure?

Why create this sexual utopia?

We need it. Look around you. Look at all the ‘special’ people, thinking how ‘special’ they are, with their ‘special’ clothes, and their ‘special’ food, walking a ‘special’ way, talking with a ‘special’ manly (or womanly) tone, pretending to be sex gods; which for watching material to the observer is about as fun as watching concrete harden.

“Somethings happening, I’m sure it is, but it’s just not happening where I can see it.”

I want to see that big fat cock flopping around everywhere, while the man screams at his last sexual partner (primal kamikaze “ROOOAAARRRR!!”), moving in a way that is sexually suggestive to his next sexual partner (they live across the street), he lays on the ground in the stark naked earth, rolling in mud and then commences fucking his companion who has joined him in the fresh cut grass next to the River of Love.

All we see t-t-t-today are the projection of fantasies that never get satisfied.

A man walks down the street with a purple scarf on, waving goodbye to his coffee date with a turn of his hand that is unique to him, walking in a straight ball fashion, hoping to see someone he may have had an acquaintance with before, not wanting to face any truth of himself, avoiding his naked sexual body at all costs, frigidly cramping his body whenever he gets a boner and vaguely attracted to anyone who walks might tickle his desperate sexually suppressive mindset.

We are a suppressed race.

There is no way to express this.

This is why we want to create Babylon.

Build Babylon.


This will not be tolerated at Babylon

See the effects of a mass producing meat market ravaging our consciousness – we are without choice but to do this because of our sexual repression reliant money system in place right now.

We have lost our humanity. We are lower than animal.

At Babylon the only meat available will be live and human.


If YOU build it, THEY WILL CUM!!!

All will be Vegan @ Babylon

Yes, that’s right.

No meat, no dairy, no cruelty!

I bet you’re asking. What won’t be at Babylon?

Battery farms that are needed to sustain a growing 1st world population’s meat consumption won’t be. I can tell you that.

Animals are our equals at Babylon. And when an animal Enters your presence it will put new meaning to the phrase HOLY COW!

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Vegetables, Legumes

Everyone will be forced to make time to pay respects to the animal kingdom and in no way will they be involved in our sexual rites. THEY are higher than that.

We however. Are not.

See the difference between animal and animal? I don’t. Human is not even animal. It is inhumane to be human. Let’s make human, human once more.

Release yourself at Babylon City de Sex.

Do what you are.

– Gar


Say NO to animal abuseAt Babylon there will be no need to slaughter animals senselessly in extreme violence and torture; or to abuse children in the many various forms they are because Babylon is a place to release your sexual suppressions.

Think of it as a way of paying yourself back for all the things you thought were done to you as a child and now you need to do the dirty on someone else. There currently is no reasonably feasible way of letting out this energy without hurting someone senselessly. So we endeavor to create the world’s biggest Citadel of Sin that you may have your cake and eat it too.

The way this abuse has been perpetuated is by abusing animals and children with this toxic energy called sexual repression. This is the cause for much angry action and much sexual perversity and also the cause for ‘crime’. As crime is just a funny name for ‘oops you played the game wrong’ as when self education possesses you, you quickly find that that’s all it really is, a game. And how are you meant to play this game called Earth properly with all that sexual repression?

Well. You need this sexual repression so that you can cause havoc and create more sexual repression/suppression. By spreading your sexual suppression you are saying ‘I do unto you, what I would have done unto me’ and the cycle continues for eons of time.

The system also requires this sexual repression/suppression because it requires the conflict for the money system to exist.


Take responsibility today. Sign the petition – Stand up for animals and childs rights in your area and be the answer you wish the world to be.

The the right action. The world is yours for eternity.

Click here to go straight to the ‘Pro Human Abuse’ campaign right on Facebook.

Without the Church, there would be no Porn

The Holy Ordained Noose

*** Understand – !WE LOVE PORN! We do anything for porn. Good porn even. Yes, Good porn is good on a Friday or a Saturday or any other day of the week when your hand is free and you need to wank because you have no ‘special friend’. This article is, however, a point of brutal honesty that needs to be said. In a sex-utopia like Babylon no porn would be required because everybody is fucking everybody without suppression. Even the ugly motherfuckers!!! ***

I’m in agreeance with OSHO on this one.

All religious organisation is the cause of sexual suppression – the driving force behind our fake society. The plastic people would not have attractive latex drilled butts if they were fucked once in a while.

We go to church we tell ourselves it is wrong. And most of us have this idea of the perfect woman or the perfect man which is unattainable in our current paradigm. So instead we resort to porn and our perfect woman as a picture in our head on the paper, in our head, on our hand – GIZM ON MY HAND!

Yes, yes, it’s all very, very sad.

We are a race that requires sexual suppression in order to subsist. We require for you to feel guilty so you will:
1) Rape someone – This causes the motion of the system, the constant fear of death, the constant fear of getting locked up for being told you can have what you want (what you were told you could have) – just not THIS thing!
2)Commit sexual perversities involving children – this is a driving force behind mother’s gossip and fear, and gossip and fear creates industry and that means more jobs and MORE MONEY!!! Innocence is easier to take the younger you go! Bon appetit!
3)Watch Porn on a daily basis – this does not make you feel good about yourself, this makes you feel BAD about yourself. Inadequate, searching, lost and hopeless–Let’s have an icecream or two or three! Let’s create some heart disease and obesity and then lets pay these fuckers at the medical clinics thousands of dollars to give us a 45% chance of surviving for three more years. “Life is precious” – NO IT AIN’T! SUCK A FUCKING LOLLIPOP!
4)Get motivation to feel empty and search for things – would anyone like to put some money in that poor box? Sexually suppressed and feeling guilty about your own natural bodily inclinations?

Why not try my lucky last option on this limited purvey –

Suicide alone creates more pain and suffering in the world than any of these others and it’s all due to feeling inadequate, not having a place, not feeling ‘like I belong’ – and you know why? Well, you know why. You have religious organisations belting religiouse dog crap down your throat saying, ‘You are not in any way animal and thereby any animalistic tendencies you seem to have got there by mistake and you are a sinner if you have these.’

So you go to church and you search and you search and become devout and you show your friends out in righteousness. ”


Then eventually you give up. You die due to something that isn’t suicide, because that would mean you caused self harm and thereby land yourself an everlasting ticket to burning hell.

But the BUCK$ doesn’t stop there folks!
The dollar drives on.
Friends and Family say:
– Oh, I’m so sad, I’m so sad he/she died here’s 6000 dollars for a cheapskate funeral.
– Oh, I’m so sad, I’m so sad he/she died here’s 7000 dollars over 3 years for psychotherapy and while you’re at it I think my hernia is kicking in, give me some meds for that CHA CHING$$ – OH and make sure you check out my depression, I need some uppers CHA CHING$$, I don’t get why I’m so fucking sad working at Hero Figuring 101 Factory making ass crevices in plush toys I think I might just KILL MYSELF!

And the cycle continues folks, it all fucking continues. Over and over again > X > X > X recurring.

Without sexual suppression we would not have a money system. Follow THIS dilapidated plan from the beginning and see the fruits of your worth! Such rotting pungent cheese. Re-assess your worth. Become fragrant cherry blossoms. Realise, you are worth much more than this world can offer.

Building Babylon would be a start to creating a solution to this mess. It not only creates sexual awareness; it frees the masses of sexual energy that would otherwise be used killing themselves or killing others and saves the banker from having to bank all that wonderful money banked on your having so much misery because of being sexually suppressed.

So next time you look at porn. Fuck someone. Even if he or she is uglier than you.

It’s not about the quality it’s the quantity and he or she who has fucked much ugly people is more balanced and carefree in life than he/she who watches porn on a regular basis because their bar is too fucking high.

Till Next Time,

Garfunkle Bewder X

ps. If you build it, THEY WILL CUM! Sign the petition today!

“Your Life Energy is Rooted in Your Sex” – OSHO

“The reason sex became condemned was because all the religions had to be against everything that man can enjoy. It was in their vested interest to keep man miserable, to destroy every possibility of his finding some kind of peace, solace, a moment of oasis in the desert. It was absolutely necessary that man be completely devoid of any possibility, of any potential for rejoicing.
Why was it so important for them? It was important because they wanted to shift your mind somewhere else — toward the other world. If you are really happy here, why should you be bothered about the other world? Your misery is absolutely needed for the other world to exist. It does not exist in itself; it exists in your misery, in your suffering, in your anguish. All the religions have been doing that harm to you. They are creating more misery, more suffering, more wounds, more hatred, more anger — and all in the name of God, all in the name of beautiful words.
They talk about love and they destroy every possibility of your ever being in love. They talk about peace and create every situation for war. The strategy is very simple — go on talking about beautiful things, keep people engaged in words and ideologies, and while they are engaged in words and ideologies, in philosophies, go on cutting their roots and separating them from the soil, from their life energy.
Your life energy is rooted in sex.
All societies became aware of the fact that it is only sex that can stand against God. If your sex is fulfilled you don’t need God, because your life is fulfilled. Then God is just Godot. But if your sex is destroyed, repressed, condemned, if you are made to feel guilty about it, then God can go on living forever. He derives his energy from your suicide.”
“Sex Matters” Osho, Epilogue